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  • All skin types.


    Shake before Use. Apply on face and neck with your fingertips, a swab or a make-up removing washcloth. Then, rinse with warm water.


    For best results, do this in the morning and at night to take off the make up, the dirt and any remaining environmental pollution trace.

    Alternate Dual Action Cleanser and Deep Cream Cleanser.

    Texture: watery

    Aroma: citrus

    125 ML

    EAN: 8437020819053

    The dual action cleanser is a basic for daily cleaning:

    • Clean
    • Softens
    • Hydrates
    • Calms, regenerates, deflates
    • Protects from pollution
    • Restores skin
    • Vitamin E

    Dual action cleanser

    VAT Included
    • Aloe vera organic juice . It has healing properties due to the synergistic action of the various constituents of the gel, which act by stimulating fibroblast growth, angiogenesis and re-epithelialization, and reducing the inflammatory phase. In addition, it has moisturizing and emollient properties, improves the natural hydration factor of the skin. This action is mainly due to its mucilage content, which has the characteristic of being hygroscopic; that is, they absorb and retain water under certain conditions, which makes them a wetting agent.

      Organic vegetable almond oil. Soothing, re-epithelializing and emollient. Strong emollient power on the skin that favors the regulation of the lipid phase of the skin layer, due to its content of unsaturated fatty acids (mostly oleic and linoleic acid). Dry skin has a loss of linoleic acid content, which is why this fatty acid is required for barrier function. On the other hand, oleic acid induces penetration into the skin as a result of a mechanism that includes the fluidization of the stratum corneum.

      Organic jojoba vegetable oil. It is hydrating, revitalizing and softening. It contains just over 80% monounsaturated fatty acids (especially gadoleic acid and also erucic acid, both with moisturizing properties), and ceramides.

      Organic hazelnut oil. Regulatory activity of the skin's barrier function, thanks to its high oleic acid content, due to its moisturizing and emollient action. In addition, the high content of vitamin E makes it possible to delay the oxidation process of the skin and hair, since it reduces the formation of lipoperoxides (involved in skin aging) and protects cells from the free radicals released by them.

      Fruit alpha hydroxy acids. Blend of natural extracts such as sugar cane, blueberry, sugar maple, orange and lemon, excellent source of alpha hydroxy acids. Able to improve hydration while increasing the production of structural components of the skin such as collagen and glycosaminoglycans.

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