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  • All skin types.


    Apply on face and eyes with your fingertips, a swab or a make-up removing washcloth. Use a swab or a wet washcloth to take it off.

    Alternate Deep Cream Cleanser and Dual Action Cleanser.

    If you don’t wear any make-up, use it once or twice a week for deep cleansing.

    If you wear make-up everyday, use it daily.

    Texture: butter

    Aroma: almonds

    60 ML

    EAN: 8437020819060

    Dual Action Cleanser provides deep cleansing to the skin.

    It is a basic product when using make up.

    • Deep cleans
    • Provides elasticity
    • Soothes skin
    • antioxidant,
    • healing,
    • antiseptic and
    • anti-inflammatory ingredients

    Deep cream cleanser

    €19.70 Regular Price
    €11.82Sale Price
    VAT Included
    • Organic Shea butter . It acts as a cell regenerator thanks to a cocktail rich in vitamins, which helps balance and calm the skin, promoting its revitalization. Provides great hydration and nutrition which results in greater elasticity. Shea butter also provides extra anti-inflammatory triterpenes that help delay the effects of premature aging.

      Organic vegetable almond oil . Soothing, re-epithelializing and emollient. Strong emollient power on the skin that favors the regulation of the lipid phase of the skin layer, due to its content of unsaturated fatty acids (mostly oleic and linoleic acid). Dry skin has a loss of linoleic acid content, which is why this fatty acid is required for barrier function. On the other hand, oleic acid induces penetration into the skin as a result of a mechanism that includes the fluidization of the stratum corneum.

      Organic argan oil. It is an effective oil to regulate hydration and restructuring of the skin's lipid layer, thanks to its richness in vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids such as linoleic and oleic.

      Organic marigold macerate. Soothing, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and healing.

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